Susu Account

This is an interest bearing account designed to encourage traders and individuals to save and earn interest on the cash deposited in the account.

  1. Daily contribution
  2. No maintenance fee
  3. Loan facility available
  4. Interest bearing
  5. Interest calculated daily and applied monthly

How to Apply

You will need to gather the following requirements before you can apply:

  1. Provide two (2) recent passport picture
  2. One valid national ID card (Voters, Drivers license, Passport)
  3. Fully completed Susu Account Application Form
  4. Copy of water/electricity bill

The Benefits

The benefits include the following:

  1. The more you save the more you earn
  2. You can have access to your account statement at any time
  3. Pays interest on account balance from GH 20.00 and above
  4. Save towards the future