Corporate Information

FREROL Rural Bank is a Bank with commercial focus committed to driving community development through a dedicated team that innovates strategies to maximize value for our clients and stakeholders.

Our goal is to support our customers to achieve their growth objectives. We believe in our customers and we believe that our customers have the potential to soar high and that is why we are here to help them overcome their financial stumbling blocks.

Through our progressive thinking, with the customers as the central piece, we tailor our competitive financing and investment services and products to cater to the individual needs of our clients. Our experienced team of banking experts, our disciplined and competent board of directors and our high quality asset portfolio provides us with a leverage to grow your business in a way that creates wealth with a domino effect in the economic space of the community.

At FREROL, we lead the customer. At FREROL, we lead the community. At FREROL, we lead the industry.